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Windbreaks & Rollerblinds

Each of the options in our weather protection product range are manufactured from top quality parts and industrial strength 240gsm heavyweight PVC coated polyester, specifically designed to provide long lasting solutions.




 Core Benefits

  1. Reduces the effect of wind by up to 70%
  2. Allows for natural ventilation and improved light transmission
  3. Each product is made to measure so the fit is perfect
  4. Will not fray or ladder
  5. Significantly reduces effects of snow, rain, hail and wind

As well as providing excellent all round protection for livestock, windbreaks and rollerblinds are used to keep the weather, birds & vermin out of grain stores and hay/straw barns.


Technical Specification 

Each product is designed to fill the differing needs of our farming customers to give them the best solutions.

More information on each product is outlined on the relevant page.




Trailer Sheets

All of our farm trailer sheet products are manufactured using high quality steel and aluminium parts and are paired with heavy duty 900gsm industrial strength PVC material for the best quality results. This means the material will not fray or ladder and with high frequency welded seams your trailer sheets will be long-lasting.


 If you have any other questions please contact us for more information.


If you are unsure of what you are looking for please send images of your farm building along with general measurements and your contact details to We will have a look and pull together a recommendation for you - we will call you to discuss this.