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Manufactured from high quality PVC mesh and lightweight aluminium poles our roller blinds offer the same high quality weather protection, ventilation and light transmission benefits for farm buildings as our standard windbreaks, but offer the added flexibility of being retractable. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas.
They come with a pre-loaded spring mechanism allowing the blind to be pulled down and secured in brackets at the bottom -Once released from the brackets the roller blind will retract.
The blind comes ready assembled and is easy to install. Full instructions are provided.
Due to the parts required the largest size that we are able to produce a spring loaded roller blind is 6.1m width with 3m drop.
If the rollerblind you require that is larger than 6.1m x 3m a hand chain mechanism will be fitted.
Manufactured from the same high quality, long-lasting PVC mesh our hand chain blind has same aluminium tubes as the rollerblind but the spring-mechanism is replaced with a hand chain wheel. 
To ensure that your rollerblinds fit as they should we ask for three specific measurements;
Span of the gap - NOT including any part of the stanchion, as this lets us determine the width that the rollerblind needs to be for full coverage.
Depth required - this is the depth your rollerblind will be made to so please ensure this is measured from the very top of the rollerblind tube down to where you wish the rollerblind to sit.
Width of the stanchion - this should be the width of the front face of the stanchion that the rollerblind will attach to.